Construction Management System Workflow
Construction Management System


Construction Management System (CTMS) is a construction project management and big data analysis solution that serves as a real-time monitoring, communication and coordination tool for various groups involved on a construction project.

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The construction industry faces challenges such as low productivity due to a large number of manual and paper-based business processes. It is a complex industry, requiring a large amount of interaction between different parties working on a project. In addition, there are numerous compliance and regulatory requirements which can be time-consuming and tedious to complete without systems and processes in place to automate the work.

CTMS improves productivity through the automation of manual processes such as: data collection, processing, submission, approval, and billing. It also assists with meeting regulatory requirements through providing standard templates for compliance and reporting to the Building Construction Authority. This helps to reduce wastage due to having re-work errors made. This improves productivity and frees up resources to perform more value-add work such as focusing on sales and service delivery to customers.

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