Travel N Roam

Never miss a call due to the high roaming charges. With this service, all calls made to your Singapore number will be diverted to your overseas number.


Recommended for Travelers who make short trips of 14days or less and Travelers who do not travel on a monthly basis.

  1. Request for an On-Demand Virtual bridging number by sending an SMS from your register mobile phone with the following content: CF+OverseasNumber eg. CF60123456789. Or using our app (iOS/Android).
  2. You will receive an SMS with your assigned Virtual number.
  3. Before boarding, Divert all calls from your mobile phone to the Virtual number using either the shortcode **21*+65VirtualNumber# eg. **21*+6561234567 # or through our Android app.

Upon diversion, all calls made to your Singapore mobile number will be automatically forwarded to your Overseas number through our system.

Download IDD1526 App to configure the Overseas number and activate/cancel call divert service on the fly.


Step 1

Step 1

  • Sign up for On-Demand Roaming service.
  • Register your Singapore mobile number to the account.
  • Send a SMS to +65 9229 5935 with content “CF Overseas number” (e.g. CF6012xxxxxxx) from the registered mobile number to set your overseas number and request for virtual number.
  • System will reply back with SMS an assigned virtual number.

Step 2

Step 2

  • Before flying off Singapore, divert all the voice calls to the assigned virtual number by entering **21*Virtual Number# and press the call button. Alternatively, you can navigate through the Call Setting function of your mobile menu to do so.
  • Turn off your phone and take the flight.

Step 3

Step 3

  • Upon touching down on the destination airport, you will start receiving calls calling to your Singapore number on your overseas number.
  • If your overseas roaming number is an overseas mobile, just insert the overseas SIM card SIM card into a compatible Mobile. You will start receiving calls calling to your Singapore numbers on your overseas mobile.
  • The SMS to Your singapore mobile number can still be received and reply on your Singapore SIM card if it is roaming on the destination country.
  • If you are changing your overseas number, simply send the SMS command “CF Overseas Number” again from your Singapore mobile. The system will update the new overseas number.
  • Or you may download our app to configure your overseas number.

Contact us for more information.