Shinetown Telecom (S) Pte Ltd - About Us - Share Holders
Shinetown Telecommunication Limited (HK) is a Private Payphone Service (PPS) and External Telecommunications Service (ETS) operator licensed by The Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) in Hong Kong. Incorporated in 1997, the company is one of the biggest player operating in both category in Hong Kong, with payphone installed at over 800 locations and selling popular brand of Prepaid IDDCAlling Cards like CHAT CHAT, Mawar, Mega and Bali etc, islandwide. Among others products and services, we are offering International Direct Dial IDD1630 service, International Forward service, Virtual Mobile service, VSAT, Key-phone system etec.
In 2000, the company opened the Singapore office with other shareholders. For enquiry, please email to, or call (852)2172 7777.
Tonya Telecommunication Industry Co.Ltd. Founded in 1969, Tongya Telecom is dedicated in Telecommunication and Display industry to provide reliable public terminals, services and total solutions. In 1970, Tongya produced the first coin-operated payphone in Taiwan. So far, over 200,000 sets of various models from Tongya have been globally installed and perfectly operating.
Since then, we have aggressively diversified into IC Card payphone and IC Card manufacturing. We have also designed, manufactured, and installed over 1,000 sets of Kiosk and ATM in Taiwan. In 2002, penetrating into Internet business, we have launched Internet access devices like USB phone and line adaptor. In 2002, both 15" and 17" multimedia TFT-LCD monitor have been successfully launched. With capability on design of gorgeous shape and molding, humanized operating interface, we are proud as being one of the professional OEM manufacturers in Taiwan. For enquiry, please email to, or call (886)2-2689 3781.