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IVR Services
IVR Services
We provide hosted IVR services for customers to deploy IVR solutions to their businesses without the need to set up and maintain a IVR system. We can customize our services to suit any different requirements for IVR solutions including the following.
Customer Service Hotline
- Provide company details
- Provide shop locations
- Provide products and services information
- Provide recording of enquiries or complaints
- Provide fax on demand
- Provide transfering of calls to local or overseas call center
Other IVR Solutions
- Checking of membership rewards points
- Account details (e.g. bank balance)
- Account activations (e.g. credit card)
- Capturing of callers' number for lucky draws registration
- Checking rates or prices (e.g exchange rates)
- Real-time processing and notification of lucky draw winner
- Product ordering and fulfillment
- Events registration and booking
- Alerts and notifications
- Biliing reminders
- Account collections
- Customer surveys
All information that received via our IVR services can be tabulated and sent out in the form of email or SMS to any designated recipients. All alerts or notifications can also be delivered through the same channels to intended audiences.