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Travel Card's Guide
Travel Card's Guide (Chinese)
International Callback Rates
Calling/Roaming Rates
CHATCHAT TravelCard is designed by travelers for travelers. Incorporated with many cost saving features, users of the TravelCard can now reduce their roaming charges when travelling overseas.
International Roaming: You can now set your calls to follow you wherever you may be.
With our call forwarding feature, you can enjoy huge savings of up to 95% off roaming charges with just a simple SMS command. Travelling to more than one country is no longer a problem. Upon reaching your second destination, just send another SMS with the number you wish to divert to and your calls will follow.
International Toll-free Access: International Access Numbers for 22 countries provided for your ease of use.
By using the access numbers, you can use the TravelCard to keep in touch with all your family and friends using the respective country's fixed or mobile lines.
International Callback: Make calls when overseas by dialing our International Callback number and wait for the Callback.
Web Call Back: Trigger calls online from anywhere! Just visit our website.
WebSMS: With TravelCard, you can even send SMS home from our website!