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Today's businesses require company management executive, sales and marketing executive, or account management executive to say in touch with the company or customer while they are travelling. The most convenient way is to carry a mobile phone and use the roaming service from the Mobile Phone Operator. By doing such, callers can still call the same mobile phone and get connected to the receiver who can be in overseas at the time. However roaming service on mobile phone is expensive, let alone the compatibility problem of different mobile phone system is having, for example a GSM phone (Singapore) can not be used in a CDMA (Japan) environment.
By subscribing to this srvice, all calls that callers made to a mobile number in Singapore can be route to any of the overseas countries number using IDD1526. For example, MD of a Japanese corporation's Singapore office need to travel back to Japan very often due to business and personal reasons. Whenever the MD is in Japan, all calls to his Singapore mobile number will be diverted to Singapore office, and if there is urgent need to contact him, receptionist in Singapore will help to connect the call to MD's contact number in Japan or take a message. However, this process is troublesome and inconvenient. With our International Roaming service, all this can be done automatically. In this case, what the MD will need to do is just to key in his Japan mobile by accessing into our service before his flight to Japan. Upon arriving in Japan, he will then be able to continue receiving calls to his Singapore mobile number from the Japan mobile number seamlessly.
For this service, subsribers will need to pay a minimum monthly fee and will be charged at the prevailing rate of IDD 1526PRIORITY service plan for the calls that the subscribers roam the number to (base on the countries).