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International Divert
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This service allows user to divert any of the Singapore number to overseas number using IDD1526 and billed monthly at the prevailing rates. A preset of the local & overseas number is required during the set up. Any subsequent changes is chargeable at a fee.
For example, customer service is an important part of most of the business. However, to maintain a strong team of customer service team in individual countries to serve the same purpose is expensive and redundant. To cut this overhead, MNC nowadays tend to concentrate the customer service to a few low cost call center in certain countries. And these call centers will support the customers from all over the world on any telephone enquiry. However, problem arise if customers do not want to place IDD calls to the particular overseas call centers. Most customers would prefer to have a local customer service number for them to call to. International divert service will help to solve exactly this problem. With this service, any calls that customers made to the local customer service number will be diverted to any of the designated overseas number.