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International Toll-Free
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This service allows user to call from certain overseas countries using a Toll-free number back to Singapore without being charged for the call. Instead the Singapore receiver will bear the cost. It is useful for any Singapore based operations to better serve overseas customer, business associate or even overseas branches.
For example, an International Renown brand for luxurious goods base it's regional headquarter in Singapore. Franchisees or direct outlets in the region are getting support from Singapore office, ranging anything from sales order, sales enquiry, product availability, to schedule for repaired items etc. In order to provide better support, and maintain the service level of the company, the Singapore office actually provide a toll-free number for these enquiry to call in from a few major market in the region. This would not only improve the level of support but also enhance the company's image among the franchisees and outlets.
For this service, a one time setup and monthly subscription fee is applicable for every toll-free number. In additional, a prevailing calling rates depending on the countries calls originate from will be chargeable.