airDefender Antibacterial and Anti-virus coating solution

airDefender is a Antibacterial and Anti-virus coating solution for personal, household and workplace. Using the new quantum photocatalyst technology, airDefender form a layer of protection shield on surface from bacterial and virus for a long-lasting effect that kills and blocks 99.9% of viruses and bacteria as well as 99% of formaldehyde.          >> Visit the site

Hikvision Facial Recognition & Temperature Screening Solution

Hikvision Facial Recognition & Temperature Screening Solution is designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures, to achieve rapid and safe preliminary screening and granting entry access. With advanced deep learning technology and practical functions, the solution brings better health and physical security and improved efficiency to access control and time attendance tracking.


Measuring distance: 0.3-1.8 m.

Measuring height: 1.4-1.9m.


Temperature range: 30°C to 45°C, Accuracy: 0.1°C

Deviation: ±0.5°C


Measuring the temperature of forehead by thermographic after face detection.


Support face mask detection with visual and audio alert. Temperature screening with mask worn.


7-inch display screen. Provide instant visual results and measurement and audio prompt.


Support wall mounting, floor stand with mounting pole and desktop table bracket.

Intercom and Monitoring Tablet

With a 7-inch touch screen monitoring tablet, live view of door station camera allows one-click unlock and one-click calling to the center. The tablet supports abnormal temperature alarm, people counting, abnormal temperature counting, real-time temperature display, abnormal temperature filter. Comes with a built-in 32G TF card, and allows temperature recording storage up to 100,000 records.

GlobalMeet Web Conferencing Solution for Virtual Meeting

GlobalMeet® is an award-winning, audio and video conferencing software solution that makes global communication easy – from anywhere, using any device. Conduct your virtual meeting over PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone or even fixed line. Abide the safe management measures and get your business moving with telecommuting.


GlobalMeet Audio

GlobalMeet Audio is an enterprise-grade hybrid audio conferencing solution that provides business users crystal-clear audio quality paired with applications for desktop and mobile devices that offer a superior user experience for more efficient and productive audio conferences anywhere in the world.

GlobalMeet Webcast

GlobalMeet Webcast makes it easy to create professional quality webinars and webcasts for up to 40,000 people. Reach your audience, live or on-demand, on virtually any device with powerful, secure, completely customizable webcasting solutions – all from your desktop or laptop. With the GlobalMeet do-it-yourself webcast platform, businesses of all sizes can reach the largest number of attendees and benefit from the most sophisticated features for hosts, presenters and audiences.

GlobalMeet Video Room Connector

GlobalMeet’s Video Room Connector (VRC) feature brings your room-based conferencing system to life with a single, easy-to-use solution for your video, web and audio conferencing needs. With superior video quality and seamless integration with your existing room-based video system, you can experience reliable video collaboration anytime at a low cost.

GlobalMeet Integrated Audio for Skype for Business (Microsoft Teams)

GlobalMeet Hybrid Audio for Skype for Business Online and Skype for Business Server is an easily integrated global audio conferencing solution that brings superior voice quality to every Skype for Business meetings (Microsoft Teams). Connect using your phone or mobile device from anywhere in the world and experience reliable crystal-clear audio

GlobalMeet Meetings

GlobalMeet is the personal web conferencing solution that works the way you do with rich HD audio and HD multipoint video. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, GlobalMeet gives you one-click access to any meeting, anywhere, from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Finally, you’ll enjoy global, reliable, feature-rich audio, video and web conferencing from one platform.

GlobalMeet Operator-Assisted

Combining the high picture quality of iMeet video conferencing service and superior sound from the Meeteasy USB speakerphone, you have an easy to set setup room system for small and medium size video conferencing session.

GlobalMeet Integrated Audio for Cisco WebEx

GlobalMeet® Audio for WebEx is an easily integrated global audio conferencing solution that brings superior voice quality to every WebEx meeting experience. Connect using any device or join a Cisco Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) from anywhere in the world and experience reliable crystal-clear voice communication.

Virtual Switchboard Solution for Call Forwarding

Route your business calls to the right place and person at remote sites. Calls will be answered by the personnel who is best suited to cater to caller’s questions and inquiries. This increases the efficiency of your staffs as well as be part of the Business continuity planning (BCP). The important incoming calls for business will now be seamlessly routed to the correct personnel regardless of their geographic locations. No more missing any of the incoming calls even if the office is closed.



Configure your IVR to provide the answers to the questions most commonly asked by your customer. This allows your staffs to attend to customer who require assistance on other matters.


Maximise customer satisfaction by routing the calls based on the selection made by caller. This ensures that the agent answering is best suited to assist the caller. Agents can also be grouped for more efficiency.


Route the calls to different numbers based on the times. Personnel on shifts that holding different numbers can designated to answer call at different hours. The personnel numbers can be from any countries.


Notification of any missed calls that is not answered will be sent to designated email address. The person in charged may then call back to caller using the number in the email notification.


Improve how you manage calls by configuring different settings like emergency services, voicemail, prompting of operating hours etc.


Calls can be routed to any destination by means of PSTN or VoIP. Agents can access the service by using either softphone, IP phones, fixed and mobile phones.


Calls can be recorded, searched, played and downloaded for recording purposes. This will provide the traceability of the calls and used as reference in the case of dispute.

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