Customer Experience Management (CEM)

It’s no longer just about striving to meet a customer’s expectations but it is now about how a business can go beyond their customer’s expectations. Only by doing so will it increase customer satisfaction, foster loyalty and promote advocacy.

Start managing and monitoring the interactions between your business and customer to ensure you have the best strategy in place.


Cloud based Call Centre Solution

Virtual Contact Centre

Cloud-based Call Centre solution

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Cloud based Integrated Voice Response System

Integrated Voice Response(IVR)

Customizable call flow through Cloud-based IVR

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Cloud based Virtual Switchboard

Virtual Switchboard

Route your calls to the right place

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Web CallMe

Triggering call back from web page

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International Call Forwarding

Forwarding calls regardless of geographic location

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FM Helpdesk

Cloud-based FM Customer Service management tool

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Systran Machine Translation

Language translations happens on the fly in up to 50 languages

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