Facility Management Helpdesk

Shinetown FM Helpdesk provides cloud-based one-stop FM Customer Service management tool. Integrating Virtual Call Centre and Vantage CRM solutions, we have developed  a full suite of call handling with call centre features, pop up of caller information and full access of trouble tickets handling using the CRM in addition to asset management, escalation of trouble tickets and wallboard display of all the calls and trouble ticket statistic, FM helpdesk is being made easy with our solution.


Cloud based Call Centre Solution

Virtual Contact Center(VCC)

VCC is a cloud-based Call Centre solution that only requires a personal computer, a headset and a broadband connection. With possibility of managing multiple projects/campaigns, easy installation and high scalability, you will no longer have to worry about maintaining or upgrading your Call Centre hardware. This allows businesses to fully focus on managing their business and their agents.

Vantagepoint ERP

VantagePoint is an ERP solution that was specifically developed for the SME sector. While the codebase is taken from Openbravo open-source project, we have built customized Customer Relationship Management, Quality Control, Bar-code generation, Human Resource and Payroll Management, various Accounting features, Material Forecasting and other modules to it.

VantagePoint erp solution


Cloud based Virtual Switchboard Diagram

IVR and Hotline Routing

Calls from different facilities or buildings will be routed to call agents with specific skill sets based on hotline numbers or guided by options in IVR. Alternatively, calls can also be routed to third party subcontractors or second level support staffs. After hours calls may be routed to different FM personnel on standby or voice mail.

Call Agents

Call agents with specific skill set will be answering the incoming calls. Full features of the call centre will be available, including the recording, call queue, call hold, call transfer, call details, call statistics and various reports. Call agents may also call out or transfer calls to second level supports or subcontractors.

Caller and Hotline Info

Based on the caller number and hotline number of the incoming call, personal greeting script about the caller and info about the hotline number will pop up to enable call agent to respond to the call accordingly.

CRM for Trouble Ticket

With the caller number available, the trouble ticket trail of the caller will pop up from CRM to allow call agent to have quick access either to open new ticket under the caller, check the status of the pending ticket or details of previous tickets. Trouble ticket can be escalated to next level of support, closed or reopen based on the requirement.

Third-Party Access

Second-level support or subcontractors may check on pending tickets assigned to them, update the status and resolution and add working notes from different locations. Once tickets are updated by second level support or subcontractors, call centre agent will receive notification to follow up with owner of the tickets in order to close the ticket.

Statistic Wall Display

Important real time calls and trouble ticket statistics can be displayed on separate screen on the wall. Helpdesk supervisors will have overall view of the performance of the helpdesk in order to fulfill the SLA commitments. In additional, at time of emergency, can make timely decision based on the displayed information.