Cloud based Call Centre Solution Diagram
Cloud based Call Centre Solution

Virtual Contact Center(VCC)

VCC is a cloud-based Call Centre solution that only requires a personal computer, a headset and a broadband connection. With possibility of multiple projects/campaigns, easy installation and high scalability, you will no longer have to worry about maintaining or upgrading your Call Centre hardware. This allows businesses to fully focus on managing their business and their agents.


Call agent panel allows users to make and receive calls from PC or Laptop using head set. ACD name will be shown when call coming in from hotline number configured for the ACD.  Call agent can transfer call back to ACD for other call agent to answer and use private chat and intercom to communicate with each others. Wrap up code can be applied after each call to track leads.

Supervisor panel contain all the call agent functions. It has the counters to show daily call statistic, status of agent of an ACD and and real-time alerts on the alert window. There is ear dropping function that allowing supervisor to monitor call agent conversation and take over the calls.

Call statistic reports can be generated daily/weekly/monthly with auto emailing function. The report including call details, number of call received, successful call, failed calls and etc. Customized reports can be generated based on special requirements.

Full integration with VantagePoint CRM system. Ability to retrieve caller data based on caller id from the CRM system and display individualized greeting based on hotline number and caller id. Create trouble ticket and search call trace of the caller in a just a few clicks.

Dashboard or wallboard display of call statistic as well as the statistic from CRM. Different SLA, call trends, trouble ticket numbers based on priority and other statistics on the screen. Call centre supervisor can have real-time overview of the SLA, call centre agents and trouble ticket status. Corrective actions can be taken immediately and further escalation processes may be put in place.


Ease of scalability allows future expansion with minimal fuss and downtime. Coupled together with the low monthly fees allows businesses to better manage their operation coststo match their requirements.With the power equivalent of a Class 5 Switch at your fingertips, you can maximize the productivity of your agents to accept incoming calls with the option to make outbound calls to prospects or customers! Integration to your existing Database can also be customized to allow a one-stop solution for all your call centre needs. Just let us know your requirements and our team of engineers will do the rest!



Configure your IVR to provide the answers to the questions most commonly asked by your customer. This allows your staffs to attend to customer who require assistance on other matters.


Maximise customer satisfaction by routing the calls based on the selection made by caller. This ensures that the agent answering is best suited to assist the caller. Agents can also be grouped for more efficiency.


Calls can be recorded to be reviewed for quality assurance. Supervisors can also assist/review agents by using the function to eavesdrop on calls.


By using our detailed reports, businesses can improve the efficiency of the staff and even improve on their product offering. By simply analysing your caller selection, product/processes may be improved to better cater to your callers. Management of staffs will also be easier as supervisors can allocate staffs upon understanding caller patterns eg call frequency, average call time, total calls.


Improve how you manage calls by configuring different settings like emergency services, voicemail, prompting of operating hours etc.


Expand your business with ease. Leave the hassle of your telephony requirements to us. We will deploy the service based on your exact requirements without you having to incur the high hardware cost.


Calls can be routed to any destination by means of PSTN or VoIP. Agents can access the service by using either softphone, IP phones, fixed and mobile phones.