We provide a total solution providing Day 1 IP connectivity for construction site.  From initial stage, Mobile 4G/LTE data will be used to provide high bandwidth connectivity to the site. It will then be replaced with fibre broadband. We will design the network based on customized requirement to provide connectivity for Internet, CCTV, IOT and and manage all the transition from LTE to internet fibre for construction sites.


Connected Construction Sites

At the initial stage of construction, by using LTE router, LTE signal received at site office can be aggregated and combined to provide high bandwidth internet to the construction site. The LTE will then be replaced by fibre broadband. WiFi infrastructure will be deployed to provide the WiFi access for the devices and IOT devices that required internet connectivity. Laptop or smart devices(including smart phone or tablet) can then be used for real-time uploading or downloading data files for running BIM, construction management software, construction drawings, workforce flow and asset management.

Wireless point to point can provide high bandwidth wireless link between IOT such CCTV camera to application server at the site office or cloud. Nx witness Video Management System can be installed at site office or cloud server to provide CCTV recording and video management for Network Camera. Other devices, including Biometric device, sensors or other IOT devices may also be connected and sending secured  image and data back to application servers.



Netmodule single or multiple SIM LTE router reliably connect devices to LTE network and enable wireless communication all over where landline connections are either too expensive or not feasible at all. So that applications where secure and robust communication required can be run.

RUCKUS™ Outdoor Series

When connectivity really matters, organizations turn to Ruckus. Ruckus industry-leading outdoor access points (APs) provide high-performance, secure, reliable access to applications and services no matter how tough the environment.

Nx Witness VMS

Nx Witness – with Cloud, Desktop, Mobile, Web, and Embedded applications – makes it simple to create custom IP video applications for any customer in any vertical market. Nx Witness users can connect to any available server – locally or remotely – to view and manage their Nx Witness system and merge multiple sites into the same system. The perfect network architecture for construction industry. 

HIKVISION® Network Camera

Hikvision is the world’s leading video surveillance products supplier. Hikvision provides video surveillance products and vertical market solutions in the global market, through more than 2,400 partners in 155 countries and regions. The Company’s products and solutions have been widely deployed in a number of vertical markets and in notable facilities around the world.

LTE Data Plan

LTE data plan or various sizes from 10GB to unlimited plan can be offered together with LTE router to provide a fast connection to construction site while waiting for the fibre broadband to be ready. Up to 2 SIM card can be combined into one LTE router to provide expanded bandwidth to run any demanding applications. VPN can be configured over the LTE to provide secured data tunnel back to HQ or application servers.

Fibre Broadband

Fibre broadband from 60Mbps to 500Mbps can be offered to the construction site after preliminary site survey to confirm the flexibility. We will manage and configure the transition of  LTE Mobile Data plan to Fibre broadband. The plan required approx. 55 working days or more after the confirmation from site survey. We will engage and work with contractors from telco and construction company to facilitate the installation.

Network Design

We provide the design of network based on the different requirement from each site. Whether it is a requirement to provide WiFi to run applications from Smart devices or connection for IOT or high bandwidth point to point connection for CCTV camera or CCTV camera design and installation or Local area network configuration, we provide all in one design and service so that construction companies can just focus on using the connectivity.

Network Simulation

Prior to finalizing the design, part of the network will be subjected to simulation to find the optimized location of WiFi access point. Through out the installation, point to point access point signal strength will also be monitored to ensure the quality of wireless link.