Netmodule certified communication systems combine know-how and latest technologies. They reliably connect devices in industry, transportation and public traffic and enable wireless communication all over where landline connections are either too expensive or not feasible at all. So you may realize solutions for applications where secure and robust communication is required.


Industrial IoT Routers

The compact routers of NetModule open up numerous possibilities to develop the industrial Internet of Things

The NB800 Compact Router Series is designed specifically for cost-sensitive connectivity applications in combination with big unit sizes. The focus is therefore on easy integration and remote configuration and management. Features include a 3G/4G cellular/Ethernet gateway and a powerful VPN protocol suite. A hardware shield concept brings additional flexibility to turn the NB800 into an application specific tailored device or to follow the technology changes.

Industrial Routers

Netmodule offers a wide range of industrial-grade routers for harsh environments

NetModule’s industrial router series are basically designed for stationary applications, mostly mounted on DIN rail shelves. The routers provide multi-WAN-LAN-communication and functions such as data acquisition, protocol conversion, local data processing and storage. The wide range of implementations includes remote management and condition monitoring, CCTV, ATMs and Digital Signage.

Vehicle Routers

NetModule offers a wide range of certified vehicle routers for wireless data and voice communication in mobile environments

NetModule’s vehicle router series are designed for mobile communication in public transportation (e.g. in buses and trams) but also any other kind of vehicular applications such as caravans. These routers comply with the industry standard 72/245/EWG (e1) which is typically required for those appliances. Supporting the latest WAN/LAN technologies (including GSM, UMTS, LTE, WLAN) they offer highly-available connectivity with seamless handover between the broadband links making use of the Mobile IP protocol.

Railway Routers

NetModule offers a wide range of EN50155 certified vehicle routers for wireless data and voice communication in railways

NetModule’s railway router series are designed for mobile railway communications. These routers comply with the industry standard EN50155 which is mandatory for most railway appliances. Supporting the latest WAN/LAN technologies (including GSM, UMTS, LTE, WiFi, GSM-R), active GPS and voice calls they are offering highly-available connectivity with seamless handover between the broadband links using to the Mobile IP protocol.

Extension Modules

Compile used case specific product variant by enhancing the standard routers with extension modules

The NetModule Router architecture is based on a modular concept that allows a high degree of product customization. Providing a product family specific number of PCI express mini card slots on the router main board, the router may be extended with up to six extension modules.
All product variants are assembled and verified by NetModule to ensure type approvals and the standard conformity.



Smart energy networks (Grids) provide the infrastructure for next generation energy world. Today’s customers not only want to consume energy but also want to feed their own renewable energy efficiently into the Smart Grid.

Automated and digitized energy networks will help to offer innovative energy solutions such as e.g. virtual power plants, mobility and efficient usage of storage technologies.

NetModule Industrial Routers help customers building and managing these Smart Grid.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will transforming industries and open new markets. New levels of efficience and productivity will be reach by combining Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, connecting ecosystems, collaboration between humans and machines, industrial big data analytics, cyber security and automation. NetModule provides solutions for the fourth wave of industrial revolution.

Industrial Internet of Things


Industrial core requirements such as remote monitoring and controlling, alarms via SMS or E-Mail, remote debugging, remote maintenance and much more can easily be realized with NetModule routers without the need for additional devices.

Industrial standard interfaces and protocols such as Modbus, Canbus and many others are included and available.

The sandbox – a secure execution environment – and the software development kit (SDK) allow onboard pre-processing of I/O data and eliminate the need for a remote PC.

The Connectivity Suite, NetModule’s device management tool, ensures effective remote management.

Transportation needs different applications like mobile communication, passenger entertainment, condition monitoring, digital signage or fleet management. NetModule offers solutions meetings these requirements.



Rail transport has high demands on robustness and failure safety. NetModule offers a range of solutions that meet the special requirements like EN50155 & EN45545 certifications and IP65/IP67.

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